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Verification of non-pharmacopoeial water-the verification principle of non-pharmacopoeial water. For pharmaceutical water that is higher than the pharmacopoeial standard, more stringent verification is required; for the water that is lower than the requirement of the pharmacopoeia, risk assessment needs to be carried out according to the process requirements , And then determine the depth and scope of verification.
Sampling operation is the first step of the entire laboratory testing process, and it is also an important link that should be guaranteed first. It is often the case that the sample test results are abnormal. We have checked all aspects of the test process, and the result is that the sample has been contaminated during sampling.
As an excellent production workshop manager, he should be the advocate and implementer of safe production. Safety For production, production must be safe. Safe production is the most fundamental guarantee for enterprise and social development.
The term social responsibility audit is proposed in response to corporate ethics, in order to ensure that the products provided by suppliers and manufacturers meet the requirements of social responsibility, and are audited for the protection of human rights, the protection of labor rights, and environmental assessment.
Tai'an, August 7th, Xintai City, Tai'an, Shandong Haiyan Medical Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd., through Xintai Charity Federation, donated 600,000 yuan worth of sterile cotton tablets and iodine to the earthquake-stricken area in Ludian, Yunnan, and is currently working overtime Add some production and stocking, and it will be sent to the disaster area on the 8th.

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